Her Story

Lisa and Gerald McClellan

Lisa McClellan, sister of former WBO & WBC Middleweight World Champion Gerald “G-Man” McClellan, was born and raised in Freeport, Illinois. With a promising future ahead of her in 1995, her life took an unexpected turn when her brother suffered a traumatic brain injury in the boxing ring. With less than a 5% chance of survival, G-Man pulled through, and Lisa vowed to serve her brother by his side as his sole provider & caretaker.

After nearly three decades as a caretaker, her heart for the health and well being of athletes in contact sports continues to grow. In the year 2021, Lisa co-founded Ring Of Brotherhood, LLC (ROB) a multimedia company focused on telling compelling stories of professional athletes.

In 2023, McClellan co-founded Ring of Brotherhood Foundation (ROBF), as an extension of ROB, that seeks to bring awareness to the overall well being of athletes in contact sports. Under ROBF, she is joined by a team of top Physicians in the country, seeking to serve all athletes in contact sports by establishing treatment plans, providing health care services, and contributing to the improvement of mental health for athletes. Prior to her business endeavors, Lisa has worked closely with WBC President, Mauricio Sulaiman and his team to assist former well known boxing champions in receiving grant services from the World Boxing Council. In her down time, she enjoys organic gardening, and cooking special meals for her brother Gerald, daughter and five grandchildren.